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Boulder County Elections sends emails with important for voter and election information in advance of every election. There are two ways to sign up:

Recommended (registered county voters only): If you are a registered voter in Boulder County, update your voter registration and add an email address to your voter registration record (find your voter registration record, click edit, follow prompts, and under your registration information, fill in or update your email address). This is the recommended way to sign up, as you will then be auto enrolled in BallotTrax to receive updates on the status of your mail ballot. Additionally, if you move out of Boulder County, we will automatically discontinue sending your Boulder County specific election information.

Alternative: Click the Subscription Topic box below for Voter and Election Information. If you move out of Boulder County, you will continue to receive these emails until you manually unsubscribe. This option is open to anyone who is interested in receiving our Election Division Voter and Election Information emails.